Huay Sai Village
Huay Sai Village

Espresso coffee

Huay Sai Village

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Bright, Poached fruits, Brown sugar finish


Huay Sai village, Chiang Mai




1,300 m


Chiang Mai 80

Huay Sai Village

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About the Coffee

The farmer

The farmer Lung Noi is a farmer from Huay Sai, a remote village in the northern hill tribes of Thailand. He is one of nine farmers in this area who, despite the countless challenges they faced - like not having electricity until two years ago - have never given up their shared goal of improving the quality of their coffee. They refrain from using fertilizers and chemicals, choosing to make their own compost. We believe that the amazing flavors we get in the cup are from the passion that Lung Noi has for his coffee, how he cares for his farm and all the effort he has put in making sure the processing is clean and properly done.

The process

The coffee is processed through the fully-washed method right at the Huay Sai village where the weather is colder than average. The farmers would pick the coffee, pulp it on the same day and then ferment it in water for about 3-4 days. After being washed, the coffee is dried on raised beds under the shade for 7 days. It is this careful processing technique that gives the coffee its brightness and fruity flavors!

Brewing Guide




20 g

26 sec

40-42 g

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