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Free shipping on all orders over 400THB.

Rivers Coffee Press Hoop Mono 720 ml

Rivers Coffee Press Hoop Mono 720 ml

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Rivers Coffee Press Hoop Mono 720 ml

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About the Product

It has been eight years since Rivers began developing coffee gear products. The first development that was released while there was no sign of a café boom as it is now was the “coffee press”. Pouring ground beans and hot water into a heat-resistant glass, and after 4 minutes, sipping coffee with a spoon and tasting it is almost the same as brewing with a coffee press. In Scandinavian countries with the world's top-class bean circulation, coffee presses have long been the most common way of brewing, so you can see how high they are. In principle, the simplest tool that can bring out the deliciousness of beans. That is the biggest attraction of the coffee press. Such a coffee press has evolved further. From the conventional method of layering three metal filters and brewing beans, to a single stainless steel monofilter. It is only this change, but it is not just a single filter, it is a difficult thing that can only be processed in a limited factory, such as the size and density of the hole, until it reaches the factory that has this technology 3 It took years. That's why this filter is the most important part of coffee taste. What are the features of this product?

1. Improved mouthfeel The finer bean powder is suppressed and the feel is better than the conventional filter. It is a fine bean powder that is said to be finer than water particles, so it cannot be removed 100%, but it will give you a cleaner mouthfeel.

2. Long and stable delicious. The conventional three-sheet filter has a complicated shape, so it was difficult to remove all the oil from the beans. For this reason, if the filter is not replaced with a new one on a regular basis, the attached oil may oxidize and impair the taste. The simple new model does not leave oil due to its easy-to-wash structure.

3. Cleaning is easier and operation is improved. In the three-sheet filter, it was necessary to remove the screw attached to the plunger and wash all parts apart, but the new model can be washed as it is without disassembling.

Product name: Coffee press Hoop Mono

  • Raw material: Heat-resistant glass (beaker) / ABS resin (holder) / Stainless steel ( (Plunger, knob, fine powder filter) / polypropylene (lid, plunger, fine powder filter) / methacrylic resin (light weight spoon) / silicone (plunger) / TPE (holder)
  • capacity: 720ml size: width 147mm x depth 93mm x 168mm height
  • Country of origin: China (holder, measuring spoon, plunger, fine filter) / Czech Republic (beaker)

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