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P' Sri
P' Sri

Espresso Coffee

P' Sri

450.00 ฿


Creamy, Almond, Brown sugar, Prune finish


Khun Lao Village, Chiang Rai




1,200 m


Typica, Bourbon, Chiang Mai 80

P' Sri

Regular price 450.00 ฿

About the Product

The farmer 
P’ Sri’s farm is located in Khun Lao village, Chiang Rai. With an elevation of 1,200m, her farm is completely immersed in lush greenery. Here, her coffee trees thrive alongside native plants, creating a harmonious ecosystem. Plenty of dry leaves cover the top layer of the soil, naturally protecting the coffee from evaporation. We began working with P’ Sri in 2014, along with P’ Jaroon and his brother - they were the first few farmers we've had the pleasure of working with. P’ Sri’s farming approach is unique; she likes to do things at her own pace and in a relaxed style. We love her open-mindedness and determination to experiment with new techniques to improve the taste of her coffee. 

The process 
P'Sri uses the Kenya-style washed process to showcase the brightness and fruity notes in the coffee. The cherries are hand-picked and pulped the next day, allowing time for the natural sweetness to develop. It is then dry fermented (without water) for 24 hours. Then, water is added for a 12-hour wet fermentation before washing to remove the mucilage. Finally, the coffee undergoes a final overnight soak before drying on raised beds under the shade for 12-15 days. The result is a smooth, clean, and very comforting coffee. 

Brewing Guide





06-25 sec

40 g

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