P' Chatree's Yeast Fermentation Coffee
P' Chatree's Yeast Fermentation Coffee

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P' Chatree's Yeast Fermentation Coffee

950.00 ฿


50g per bag / 6 bags per box


Khun Chang Kien, Chiang Mai


Red honey with yeast fermentation


1,350-1,400 m

P' Chatree's Yeast Fermentation Coffee

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About the Coffee

About the project

Our team has been interested in yeast fermentation for quite some time now. Since this process can add a lot of flavors to the coffee, we wanted to experiment more with it!

We decided to work with some of our collaborators to see what we could come up with. Last year, Nui and Aoy from Doi Saket, Chiang Mai joined us for the experiment and this year we continued the project with P’ Chatree, our farmer friend from Khun Chang Kien, Chiang Mai. We were delighted to work with him again and have always found his passion for learning very inspirational. 

The process

In this experiment, P’ Chatree processed four coffee lots with the red honey method where three types of LALCAFÉ yeasts: Cima, Oro, Intenso and a bacterial inhibitor Gaia were inoculated during the dry fermentation step to add more flavors to the coffee. In the process, he left the coffee cherries overnight after harvesting to increase its sweetness. They’re pulped on the next day and are left to ferment in the tank for two days before being transferred to dry on a raised bed. We have included a pack of the traditional red honey and white honey processed beans (without yeast) so you can sample the difference in taste.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between red honey and white honey, it’s actually in the process detail. For the white honey, once the coffee is harvested, it is pulped on the same day. The red honey, however, goes through a delayed pulping method which helps to increase the sweetness of the beans. The name of each process reflects the color of the pulped coffee; red honey has a reddish hue while white honey has a tinge of yellow.

Brewing Guide






17 g

270 ml

93 c

4:00 m



225 ml

93 c

2:3 m

Pour Over

20 g

320 ml

93 c

2:30 m

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