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Free shipping on all orders over 400THB.

Nui and Aoy
Nui and Aoy

Espresso coffee

Nui and Aoy

550.00 ฿


Creamy, Cherry, Cola finish


Doi Saket, Chiang Mai


Fizzy honey


1,200 m



Nui and Aoy

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    About the Product

    The farmer
    Nui and Aoy are second-generation farmers whose passion and grit are deeply reflected in the amazing quality of their coffee. Working with limitations such as steep terrains and scarce resources meant that they must be extremely careful at every step of the process. However, the challenges they faced have only encouraged them to experiment with more techniques that will allow them to bring out the true potential of their coffee.

    The process
    This experimental lot of coffee involves adding in an extra step of yeast fermentation in the honey process. Nui and Aoy begin by fermenting whole coffee cherries, in which Lalcafe yeasts were added to the fermentation tank to help complete the fermentation process. When the yeast consumes the sugar in the coffee fruit during the fermentation, it releases a CO2 gas - which looks fizzy and bubbly, hence the name of the process: Fizzy Honey. Once the fermentation is complete, the coffee gets pulped and left to dry on a raised bed for 14-20 days.

    Lalcafe yeast was specifically developed for this coffee fermentation process. Yeast-induced fermentation reflects a new frontier for the coffee industry, which is now demonstrating a clear preference for more controlled and scientific methods of coffee processing. We believe that this coffee exhibits a complex structure but with great consistency in flavor, especially compared to those that only use natural yeast in the fermentation process.

    Brewing Guide




    20 g

    26-28 sec

    40 g

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