New Cheers Blend
New Cheers Blend

Espresso/Filter coffee

New Cheers Blend

550.00 ฿


Syrupy, Pineapple jam, Spices, Toffee aftertaste


50% Aten (Mae Daet Noi village, Chiang Mai)
Process: Natural process


30% Nawin (Mae Suay, Chiang Rai)
Process: Honey process


20% P’Sri (Khun Lao village, Chiang Rai)
Process: Kenya-washed process

New Cheers Blend

Regular price 550.00 ฿

About the Coffee

Cheers to delicious coffee and another great year ahead!

In light of the festive season, we have created a special blend from three of our coffee farmer friends: Aten, Nawin and P’ Sri. The excitement, joy and positive energy we always feel when working with them became the inspiration for the New Cheers blend, of which we'd like to share with you during this special time of the year.

Aten and Nawin are new generation farmers who we always enjoy working with. They are driven, energetic and passionate about what they do. They are the shining light of the Thai coffee industry and its future. P’ Sri's warmth and joyful smile have always inspired us, we love seeing her approach challenges with such optimism and dedication. By roasting these beans together, we’ve created a flavorful coffee with very distinctive notes to not only reflect but to celebrate the uniqueness of each farmer.

Our roasters have roasted this coffee in such a way that it can be enjoyed both as an espresso and a filter. For espresso fans, you’ll get a syrupy coffee with a note of pineapple jam. For those who like filter coffee, you can look forward to the comforting flavors of toffee and black cherries. 

Brewing Guide




20 g

25 sec

40-44 ml

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