Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Kinto Pour Over
Kinto Pour Over

Kinto Pour Over

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Kinto Pour Over

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About the Product

POUR OVER KETTLE is designed to make coffee brewing a sensory experience. Every element is designed to make the user’s experience stress-free and pleasurable, including the spout for precise pour control and comfortably fitting handle for smooth pouring until the very last drip. With rich texture and poised form, its presence is understated yet captivating in any space.

SPOUT FOR PRECISE POUR CONTROL - Narrow and gently curving spout allows precise control over the pour position, volume, and speed of water. It is perfect for making pour over coffee with slow and steady stream of water.

HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - Durability and resistance to rust are features of the high quality stainless steel material. Texture, strength, and ease of use were carefully considered in reaching its adequate thickness. The smooth, flowing surface is enhanced by diligent polishing by skilled craftsmen.

COMFOTABLY FITTING HANDLE - Handle draws a large curve on the inside and is flat on the outside. Made of nylon material that contains glass fiber, durability and comfortable grip are ensured. Users can easily adjust the position of their hand, which reduces stress on the wrist for easy pouring.

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