Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Classic Kids Blend
Classic Kids Blend

Espresso coffee

Classic Kids Blend

320.00 ฿


Syrupy, Toasty, Cedar, Maple syrup finish


50% Doi Saket, Chiang Mai (Fully-washed process)


25% Pangkhon Village, Chiang Rai (Honey process)


15% Doi Phuka, Nan (Honey process)


10% Khun Lao Village, Chiang Rai (Natural process)

Classic Kids Blend

Regular price 320.00 ฿

About the Product

If you like coffee that's smooth with intensity and low acidity, we would like to recommend the Classic Kids blend.

Although we like to think of ourselves as a new age roaster, there's still an old school spirit to us as well. It explains why we've chosen to introduce the Classic Kids blend. We wanted to bring out the beauty of a classic espresso blend of the 1970's, which used the method of blending the green beans before the roasting process. For this blend, we use High grown coffee beans that have been processed through various methods, from wash, natural, Kenya-style to honey process - this is what gives the coffee its signature Syrupiness.

This is a dark roast coffee. Our intention was to bring out as much sweetness as possible during the roasting process.

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