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Free shipping on all orders over 400THB.

Aftersweet Blend
Aftersweet Blend

Espresso coffee

Aftersweet Blend

400.00 ฿


Creamy, Chocolate Bar, Sweet aftertaste


85% Thailand, Huay Nam Khun, Sweet Cherry (Honey-Light process)


15% Brazil, San Antonio estate (Natural process)

Aftersweet Blend

Regular price 400.00 ฿

About the Product

The blend

Aftersweet is our special blend that’s made up of beans from Thailand and Brazil. This particular combination gives the coffee a wonderful, comforting taste that’s reminiscent of eating a chocolate bar.

The process

85% of this coffee is from Huay Nam Khun, Chiang Rai that has been through the honey light process. The coffee gets picked, fermented, has its skin removed, lightly washed - to keep some of the mucilage cover on the beans from its skin - and finally gets left to dry on raised beds. The other 15% of the coffee is made up of beans from Brazil, San Antonio Estate that has been through the natural process. The coffee is picked and dried in a single layer on the patio for 20 days.

The roasting

We roast this coffee slightly darker than our espresso roast, so that it carries just the right intensity to cut through the richness of any milk-based coffee and it also gives the cup a lovely, chocolatey flavor.

Brewing Guide




18 g

25 sec

35 ml

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