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Round, Roselle, Mulberry-like acidity


Mae Daet Noi village, Chiang Mai




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About the Coffee

The farmer

Aten is probably the youngest and the most enthusiastic coffee farmer we’ve ever met! This is our first year working with him; we were so impressed with his energy as well as the support he has shown to local farmers by purchasing their coffee cherries at a more sustainable and fairer price. His farm and processing facility is located in Mae Daet Noi village, Kallayaniwattana district, Chiang Mai. Aten began processing his coffee in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. He has been experimenting with fermentation and drying techniques on his own for a while now, so we were delighted for the opportunity to work together and test out new ideas with him!

The process

Once the coffee arrives at the processing facility, he hand sorts the coffee cherries and takes out the semi-ripe cherries out before pulping the coffee. He then dries them on a raised bed straight away. At the beginning of the drying process, he spreads the coffee thinly to increase the drying rate and to prevent the build up of any fermented flavors. After 5-7 days, when the coffee mucilage covering the bean is dry enough, he doubles the thickness of a coffee on the raised bed to slow down the drying process. This locks all the flavors inside the beans until the coffee reaches the desired moisture content. It is this drying process that results in a clean and complex taste in the cup.

Brewing Guide






18 g

270 ml

93 c

4:00 m


15 g

225 ml

93 c

2:30 m

Pour Over

20 g

300 ml

93 c

2:30 m

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