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MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)
MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)

MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)

2,750.00 ฿

MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker (5-cup)

Regular price 2,750.00 ฿

Product Specifications:

  • Color Choices: Black, White, Silver
  • What’s in the Basic Set?: MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker, sample paper filters, sample valve filters
  • Tank capacity: 550ml
  • Product Size: Upper diameter 10cm x Bottom diameter 9.5cm x Height 30.5cm
  • Made in South Korea  

Slow drip cold brew coffee is coffee like you've never tasted, complex and chocolatey with a hint of fruitiness from the coffee beans.

If you're searching for the perfect cup of cold drip coffee, look no further. The MyDutch Cold Drip Coffee Maker creates a deliciously smooth coffee concentrate employing a unique drip method. 

This true cold drip coffee brewer is affordable, simple to use, with features that will bring out best flavors from your favorite beans. Brew at home, in your office, take it camping, or even enjoy on a picnic with your family. 


How to use the MyDutch 550 Cold Drip Coffee Maker:

  1. Weigh 90g of coffee beans and ground them to the size of granulated sugar
  2. Assemble the Ring and Coffee Basket into the glass carafe.
  3. Place 1 piece of paper filter into the bottom of the coffee basket
  4. Put 60g of ground coffee into the coffee basket and tap to even them out
  5. Pour some water over the ground coffee to pre-infuse them until some coffee has started to drip from the bottom of the basket
  6. Place another piece of paper filter on top of the coffee grounds
  7. Place 1 piece of the valve filter into the plastic filter, and screw it tightly into the water tank.
  8. Pour filtered water into the water tank up to the “Max” line 
  9. Adjust the drip rate of the water tank to around 1 drip / second
  10. Put into fridge to allow to drip until tank is emptied.
  11. Your cold drip concentrate is ready!

**For an iced Cold Drip Americano, we recommend diluting 1 parts coffee to 3~4 parts water to taste.


Product Highlights:

  • Small & Convenient: Compact enough to put in the fridge
  • Easy to assemble & Clean: All parts can be disassembled within seconds for easy cleaning.
  • Makes strong cold drip concentrate over short brew time: It takes as little as 3-5  hours to brew a delicious cup of cold brew concentrate.  Because of its slow drip, you use less coffee grounds to produce stronger coffee than a regular coffee maker.
  • Craft several coffee menus: Similar to an espresso, the cold drip concentrate from the MyDutch Cold Drip Coffee maker can be made into several coffee menus.  To make an iced “Americano”, simply dilute the cold drip concentrate with some water and pour into an iced glass.  To make a “Cappuccino” or “Latte”, pour some steamed milk in the proportion that you like into the cold drip concentrate.  You can even make dessert by pouring the cold drip concentrate over ice cream to create the classic "Affogato".
  • Hygienic: The MyDutch's seamless air-tight design inhibits outside particles from contaminating your brew all the while maintain excellent and consistent temperature within the machine. 
  • Can even be used with tea: Try replacing coffee grounds with coarsely ground tea leaves to make cold drip tea concentrate to enjoy on a hot day.
  • No electricity required: Even better, it requires absolutely no electricity to use. 



  1. How is Cold Drip coffee different from Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Drip Coffee is a type of coffee that is extracted using cold water.  This method, which involves slowly distributing water through a bed of coffee grounds one drip at a time over a period of 3-5 hours, brings out complex, layered flavors and requires lesser time to brew and lesser amount of coffee grounds.

  1. Why do you need two paper filters to make cold drip coffee?

You need 2 pieces of paper filters when making 1 batch of cold drip coffee — one at the bottom of the coffee basket, and another one on top of the coffee grounds.  The piece at the bottom prevents the coffee grounds from dropping into the coffee concentrate, and piece on top of the coffee grounds evenly spreads water drops throughout coffee grounds to ensure even extraction. If you’d like, you can also replace the bottom paper filter with a stainless steel filter.   

  1. How long does the valve filter last?

Unlike the paper filters which you need to throw away every batch after use, you can re-use the valve filter up to 10 times (or until the color of the filter starts to change) if you remove it to dry properly.  However, if you use well filtered water — you can use the valve filter every day for 2-3 weeks.