P' Sopa
P' Sopa

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P' Sopa

550.00 ฿


Bright, Lemon tea, Mandarin orange-like acidity


Omkoi, Chiang Mai


Fully wash


1,200 - 1,300 m


Chiang Mai 80, Typica

P' Sopa

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About the Coffee

The producer

P' Sopa began working with coffee because she loved nature and wanted to preserve it. She saw the changes and destruction of natural vegetation when the locals of Omkoi village stopped the opium production and began farming vegetables like tomatoes and cabbages instead. By doing this, it required the farmers to clear parts of the forest to make a suitable farming landscape. She persuaded more and more farmers to start growing coffee trees instead as they can coexist in the forest harmoniously with other native floras, so no trees needed to be cut down or destroyed. In 2008, P' Sopa began producing coffee.

Her coffee was awarded with the top prize from Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand (SCATH) in 2015 and this year, one of her coffee won the second prize.

The process

The coffee cherries are picked and then pulped on the following day (delayed pulping increases its sweetness). After pulping, the cherries are then fermented in water (wet fermentation) straight away. On the next morning (after 24 hours of fermentation), they are washed and dried on a raised bed for 10-14 days under the shade. The fully wash process brings out the brightness of this coffee that also carries a note of lemon tea and a mandarin orange-like acidity.

Brewing Guide






18 g

270 ml

93-95 c

4:00 m


15 g

225 ml

93-95 c

2:30 m

Pour Over

20 g

300 ml

93-95 c

2:30 m

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