P' Kaleb
P' Kaleb

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P' Kaleb

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Round , Chocolate, Hint of melon, Mild orange acidity


Doi Phu Wae, Nan


Fully wash


1,400 m



P' Kaleb

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About the Coffee

The producer

Kaleb Jordan is an American coffee producer and a missionary who was born in Nan, Thailand. This self-taught coffee enthusiast studied about coffee farming, processing, roasting and even brewing on his own. His latest venture led him to Doi Phu Wae in Nan where he taught the villagers how to process coffee properly. For Kaleb, coffee is a tool which he believes can be used to improve the livelihood of many villagers in the area. He wants to encourage the local farmers to strive for quality and excellence in the way that they work, as well as to see coffee as more than just a source of income but as a chance for them to have a respectable career they can be proud of.

The process

The coffee cherries are pulped on the same day that they are picked. They’re then fermented in water for 2 days while getting regularly rinsed to remove the mucilage. Once the coffee is fermented, the cherries are washed and dried on a raised bed for 12 days. This fully-washed method is what gives the coffee its intense flavor and a note of chocolate with an almond finish.

Brewing Guide






19 g

270 ml

92 c

4:00 m


16 g

225 ml

91 c

2:40 m

Pour Over

20 g

280 ml

91 c

2:40 m

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