Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Fruit Bomb Blend
Fruit Bomb Blend

Espresso coffee

Fruit Bomb Blend

300.00 ฿


Juicy, Dried strawberry, Rhubarb, Apple sauce finish


35% Mae Daet Noi Village, Chiang Mai (Fully-washed process)


45% Khun Chang Kian Village, Chiang Mai (Honey process)


20% Doi Saket, Chiang Mai (Natural process)

Fruit Bomb Blend

Regular price 300.00 ฿

About the Product

If you like coffee that has complex fruity flavors without the sourness, we would like to recommend the Fruit Bomb blend. 

We chose three of the most fruity beans from three Farmers that we work with to produce the desired taste. For this blend, we use Fully washed beans from Aten (juicy notes of stewed fruits), Honey processed beans from P' Chatree (fruity and vibrant), and Natural processed beans from Nui & Aoy (strawberry and is jammy). 

This is a medium roast coffee that brings out the fruity notes best. If you choose to drink it as an Espresso, it will have juicy notes with fruity flavors of apple and rhubarb. If you choose to drink it with milk, it will have sweet notes of delicious white chocolate!

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