Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Free shipping for an order over 400B.

Everyday Cup Blend
Everyday Cup Blend

Espresso Coffee

Everyday Cup Blend

220.00 ฿


Smooth, Treacle , Honeycomb toffee finish


50% Doi Wieng, Chiang Mai (Fully-washed process)


50% Suan Ya Luang, Nan (Fully-washed process)

Everyday Cup Blend

Regular price 220.00 ฿

About the Product

Our intention was to create a versatile blend that can be brewed as an Espresso or a Batch Brew Filter that fits into your everyday lifestyle. We chose two Fully washed and low-grown coffee beans with a sweet and clean aftertaste to blend together, with 50% from P' Noi (Doi Wieng, Chiang Mai) and the other 50% from Dit (Suan Ya Luang, Nan). Both producers have a similar goal to encourage other farmers and processors to produce better quality coffee with the potential to have their own market!

This is a medium to dark roast coffee because we want to give this coffee a sweetness that resembles Caramel. If you choose to drink it as an Espresso, it will have a smooth mouthfeel with low acidity. If you decide to drink it as a Batch brew, it will have bold flavors.

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