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Free shipping on all orders over 400THB.


Espresso coffee


550.00 ฿


Rich, Sun-dried blueberry, Malty finish


Mae Daet Noi Village, Chiang Mai




1,150 m




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About the Product

The farmer
Aten is probably the youngest and most enthusiastic coffee farmer we've ever met! This is our first year working with him, and we're impressed with his energy and the support he has shown to local farmers by purchasing their coffee cherries at a more sustainable and fair price.

Aten's farm and processing facility are located in Mae Date Noi village, Kallayaniwattana district, Chiang Mai. He started processing coffee in 2013, and he hasn't stopped since. He'd been experimenting with fermentation and drying techniques on his own for a while, so we were excited to collaborate and test out new ideas with him!

The process
With a little more complexity than the usual natural process, this version has a few more added steps. Aten starts by hand-sorting the coffee cherries and then picking out all the semi-ripe ones. On the same day, he puts the hand-sorted coffee cherries in an enclosed container to ferment for 3 days, which helps increase the sweetness in the cup. He then dries the coffee under the shade for a couple of days until the moisture content of the coffee reaches 25%. Next, he puts the semi-dried coffee back in the fermentation container for another 3 days before finally drying them on a raised bed until the moisture content drops to 12%.

Brewing Guide





26-28 sec

40 g

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