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FREE delivery for orders over 400 Baht.


Espresso coffee


550.00 ฿


Creamy, Cherries, Currant aftertaste


Mae Daet Noi Village, Chiang Mai


Double fermentation natural


1,150 m




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About the Product

The producer

A Ten is probably the youngest and the most enthusiastic coffee farmer we’ve ever met! This is our first year working with him; we were so impressed with his energy as well as the support he has shown to local farmers by purchasing their coffee cherries at a more sustainable and fairer price.

His farm and processing facility is located in Mae Date Noi village, Kallayaniwattana district, Chiang Mai. A Ten began processing his coffee in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. He has been experimenting with fermentation and drying techniques on his own for a while now, so we were delighted for the opportunity to work together and test out new ideas with him!

The process

With a little more complexity than the usual natural process, this version has a few more added steps. A Ten starts from hand sorting the coffee cherries and then picking out all the ones that are semi-ripe. On the same day, he puts the hand-sorted coffee cherries in an enclosed container to ferment for 3 days, which helps to increase the sweetness in the cup. He then dries the coffee under the shade for a couple of days until moisture content of the coffee reaches 25%. He puts the semi-dried coffee back again in the fermentation container for another 3 days before finally drying them on a raised bed until the moisture content drops to 12%

Brewing Guide




20 g

24-27 sec

40 g

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